Kara delegation led by the Chairman Mr. Richard Nyaga had a very fruitful meeting with the National Land Commission led by the Vice Chairperson Ms. Abigael Mbagaya Mukolwe on March 4, 2015.

 Specific land issues in various neighbourhoods were discussed at the meeting. Some of the key highlights of the meeting are as follows:

  1. The NLC Vice Chairperson stated that the Commission had made a decision that they will give priority to addressing issue of grabbing/interfering with the public utility land in various parts of the country.
  1. It was agreed that Kara members compile their issues and submit them to NLC through Kara stating clearly the LR Number, attaching the subdivision scheme map or any other relevant document that has the details of the land.
  1. Solomon Mbuthia of NLC was appointed to be the liaison person who will deal with all issues presented by Kara and ensure that they are expeditiously addressed.
  1. NLC will collaborate with Kara to promote awareness creation on the NLC functions and mandate as well as the roles and responsibilities of the public in the land reforms.

From the foregoing, we request members to urgently share with us details of their issues stating clearly what the issue(s) is; any action that has been taken (attach necessary documents if available) so far and the details of the land as stated above. If you have previously engaged NLC regarding your issue please resubmit the same through us. We will then create a file and submit to NLC. Through the liaison person, we shall follow up on the issues contained in the Kara file and update on the progress made in addressing them. Thank you