Members at the Kara Chairpersons Forum

The inaugural KARA Members Chairperson’s Forum was held on 18th February 2015 at KARA offices.

The forum seeks to provide a platform for members to share experiences, challenges and ideas on how to address various challenges affecting Residents Associations. The forum was attended by Chairmen/Secretaries of various Associations and was addressed by the KARA Chairman, Mr. Richard Nyaga.

It was noted that most Associations have challenges with issues of land grabbing and there is need to have all matters to do with land grabbing handled by one lawyer under the umbrella of KARA. This will ensure proper coordination and more effectiveness in addressing such challenges. To begin with, it was agreed that an appointment be set up with the National Land Commission Chairman to present the various land issues and agree on a way forward.

It was agreed that members should send to KARA the main challenges they face. KARA will then consolidate and categorize them for the purpose of developing a joint strategy of dealing with the issues. KARA was requested to carry out a visual mapping of the geographical spread of members and connect members that are near each other so that they can share ideas and work together on various issues of common interest.

Members were challenged to ensure that their associations are governed properly by having regular Annual General Meetings and ensuring that office bearers are popular on the ground and have the people’s mandate.

It was agreed that Chairperson’s forum requires a budget to facilitate its activities. It was resolved that members will make contributions towards the Chairperson’s budget. It was agreed that members will also support the Alliance by offering their time and expertise whenever called upon. These include pro bono services from lawyers, ICT experts among others.

The Chairperson’s Forum will be held monthly, every 3rd Thursday of each month.