Part of KARA’s structure of management are thematic-based committees composed of professionals in diverse fields who volunteer their time to contribute to the realization of the Alliance’s goals.

The committees work closely with the secretariat to generate ideas that respond to the needs and expectations of KARA members as far as service delivery is concerned.

We are in the process of reconstituting the membership of the committees to make them more vibrant and effective in achieving their mandate. In that regard, we are inviting members wishing to serve in any of the committees listed below to express their interest via return mail and attach their Curriculum Vitae for consideration.
1.      Urban Development & Management
2.      Security, Safety and Disaster Management
3.      Governance & Devolution
4.      Environment, Water, Sanitation & Health
5.      Communication & Relationships
6.      Transport & Infrastructure Development     

Please note that members of the committees serve on a voluntary basis and meetings are convened once every two months or as members of the committee may decide.  Consideration will be given to bona-fide KARA members (individual members and those whose Associations are members of KARA).  
We request that you send your application not later than Monday, 23rd April 2018. We will review all applications received and communicate the decision made as soon as possible. Details of the committee Terms of Reference and operation will be communicated to successful applicants. We look forward to hearing from you.