Service delivery situation in Nairobi appears to be deteriorating with each passing day and there is need for urgent and well thought-out approach to addressing the emerging problems.

From garbage collection challenges, to hawkers taking over the streets and estates; mugging in the streets; dry water taps; traffic congestion, and the list keeps growing. Sadly the reaction from the County Government to these challenges appear to be knee-jerk without any indication of intention to identify the root cause and come up with sustainable solutions.

While we understand that Governor Sonko is only a few months old in office and perhaps need time to address some of these challenges, the lack of clear and sustainable plan in solving some of these problems is worrying. The County Government is coming out as being more reactive than proactive. In the run-up to the August 2017 general elections, the Governor had an impressive seven-point manifesto for the City including expected 100 days milestones for each of the agenda. However, it appears that there is a weakness in implementation of the manifesto as some of the promises are yet to be actualized within the stipulated time.

It is clear that fixing Nairobi requires concerted efforts of both state and non state actors and it is time for the County Government to initiate a process for extensive stakeholders engagement and participation in addressing the challenges affecting Nairobi. We call upon the Governor to urgently convene a County-wide Stakeholders Convention bringing together the County Government and key service delivery stakeholders to have a candid conversation on the challenges affecting Nairobi and the urgent multi-stakeholders action required to address the challenges. In addition, the County Government must go beyond promising to work with Community Organizations and Resident Associations and implement the Nairobi City County Community and Neighbourhood Associations Engagement Act, which provides a clear legal framework of collaboration between the County Government, Community Organizations and Resident Associations on service delivery issues. It is time to change strategy and the Governor must lead the way and embrace a consultative approach to addressing Nairobi’s problems.       

Henry Ochieng | Chief Executive Officer