The Big Four Agenda has identified affordable housing as one of the key priorities for the Kenya government in the next five years. The aim is to address the housing deficit in Kenya and ensure that majority Kenyans are able to live a life of dignity. According to the National Housing Corporation, Kenya has a cumulative housing deficit of 2 million units and the deficit grows by 200,000 units per year being driven mainly by rapid population growth of 2.6% p.a and a high urbanization rate of 4.4%.

The government intends to deliver 1 million houses in the next 5-years, out of which 800,000 are categorized as affordable housing while 200,000 are considered social housing, which involves redevelopment of slums.

The 3rd KARA Business Expo and Conference event will be held on Thursday, 15th November to Saturday, 17th November 2018 at the Sarit Center. KARA, as the umbrella body of Resident Associations in Kenya has organized this three days Business Expo and Conference event to provide a platform for conversation among various stakeholders in the housing agenda (the drivers of the initiative, users and suppliers of the required ingredients), on affordable housing.

The theme of the event is: Making Affordable Housing a Reality and Responsive to Community Needs.  The event is intended to provide an opportunity for actors in various sectors to showcase their work or plans towards achievement of affordable housing; explore available opportunities that come with the initiative; have a conversation on the roadmap towards achievement of the agenda and how they can effectively participate in making it a reality and responsive to the needs of end users. The conference is addressed by a rich mix of experts in diverse fields; senior government leasers; industry captains and academicians and provides an opportunity to discuss key issues of national importance and make resolutions on necessary action points.

Kara Business Expo and Conference is an annual event that brings together thousands of visitors and tens of exhibitors to network, show-case their work and seal business deals. The event is organized by Kara in collaboration with development partners, Government and private sector and is aimed at promoting interaction, networking, sharing of ideas and sealing of deals between the attendees and the exhibitors from various sectors. For public sector exhibitors, the event provides an opportunity to engage the public on various service delivery initiatives and get feedback on their views and expectations.

For private sector and those in business, the event provides an excellent platform to showcase products/services; connect with current or potential customers; get feedback; enhance brand visibility. It is also an ideal venue to introduce a new product or service; shop for new innovative ideas, products and services and gain invaluable industry insights. At the Kara Business Expo & Conference, you will find a hub of activity and inspiration to help grow your business. There is something for exhibitors from the public, civil society, academia, development partners and private sectors - whether mature and successful, in need of help and support in specific areas, or even if you're thinking of setting up your own business. A wide variety of exhibitors showcase their products or services and are ready to engage and provide solutions to visitors and fellow exhibitors.

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KARA will hold a Residence Association Excellence Award as part of the Business Expo and Conference event on the last day.

The award is informed by the fact that Resident Associations play a very vital role in enhancing access to services and improving the quality of life in Kenya yet these efforts are rarely recognized and appreciated. The awards seek to celebrate the work of Resident Associations in Kenya by identifying and rewarding Resident Associations that have excelled in carrying out their mandate and created significant positive impact on their communities and Kenya at large. 

The Associations to be awarded are identified through a transparent and competitive process. Independent panel of judges consider all the entries made and makes a decision on winners and runners up based on agreed parameters. Details of the awards will be provided.

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